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Take a moment and look around wherever you are. Art is an integral part of life. Wherever we go, art and design shape and inform the spaces we inhabit.

So, creating artworks for the places we live, work and play should be made easy and fun. That’s why ArtOne Studio is dedicated to providing a supportive environment where all participants - from the newcomer in art to the veteran - can explore and experiment in a variety of styles and media. The goal is to empower participants to expand the abundant richness of visual creativity in their lives.

Thanks, and welcome to ArtOne Studio!

Julie Shin


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About Us

Creating art has brought me happiness and comfort. It was always my dream to become an artist.

Through ArtOne, I now want to share this dream with a broader community, helping others to develop their vision and joy through creativity in visual art.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage people of all ages who wish to express their creativity by producing works of art in many areas.

Participants at ArtOne can choose from and engage in a spectrum of visual art classes and programs - drawing, painting, sculpture and design - progressing from beginner through intermediate and advanced programs. 

ArtOne provides a fun and supportive forum where people explore and expand their artistic vision and practice. They learn new processes with a variety of media and produce works that share how they see the world.

Julie Shin


2016  'Memories' Gallery AP_Solo Exhibition (Seoul)

2016  LA Art Show_LA Convention Center (Los Angeles)

2015  Seoul Art Show_Coex (Seoul)

2015  Miami River Art Fair_Miami Convention Center (Miami)

2015  'True Stories' Gallery Baegak_Solo Exhibition (Seoul)

2015  Hangyeol Goup Exhibition_Gallery Soo (Seoul)

Taught at Korea National University of Arts (K-ARTS), South Korea

Taught at Kaywon University of Art & Design, South Korea

Worked as Graphic Designer at Kimberian, Sysmax, DC&A

2020  B.A with Distinction in Sculpture & Installation, OCAD University

2002  MBA in Marketing, Korea University Business School (KUBS)

1996  B.A in Graphic & Packaging Design, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA

1992  Maranatha High School, USA

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